ArtSplash 2019

ArtSplash 2019

2019 Signature Artist

Cindy Skeie

Artist Statement

I am often told that I have a unique perspective on nature. From the brilliant colors of flowers, to comical bugs or even the complex world of fungus, macro photography allows me to capture the intricate beauty that exists everywhere in nature.

My love affair with macro photography began with my first digital camera which had a setting called “macro”. I was immediately hooked on the fascinating and amazing world of nature up close. My macro lens opened up a whole new world I wasn‘t able to capture with my own eyes.

I have traveled to Central America many times, discovering the spectacular macro world that exists in the rain forests and tide pools. However, I’m still surprised at what I continue to find in my own backyard. It never gets boring for me as I continually make new “discoveries” through my lens. I’m amazed every time I encounter the beauty of nature in unexpected places.

My hope is that in sharing my journey with you, it will open your eyes and allow you to develop a deeper appreciation of just how extraordinary nature is…especially when you take a closer look.

Technical note: There really are NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS ADDED to any of my photos. My philosophy is “Don’t muck with nature. It is already perfect.”

2019 Exhibiting Artists

Cindy Skeie

Windsor Heights, IA

Booth No. 19

Gary Allen

Omaha, NE

Booth No. 83

Tricia Bagstad

Ramsey, MN

Booth No. 76e

Darrel Bowman

Bangor, WI

Booth No. 39

Casey Christenson

Mankato, MN

Booth No. 37

Frank Costanzo

Ralston, NE

Booth No. 47

Daniel Cunningham

Sioux City, IA

Booth No. 25

Kirk Decker

Lawson, MO

Booth No. 43

Sharon Draeger

Prior Lake, MN

Booth No. 23

Paul Elwell

Sartell, MN

Booth No. 13

Pat Falk

Owatonna, MN

Booth No. 1

George Garrett

Omaha, NE

Booth No. 45

Rick Graves, Joni Graves

Spring Green, WI

Booth No. 6

Bradley Hall

Granite Falls, MN

Booth No. 62

Barbara Hamberg

Albert Lea, MN

Booth No. 73

Chaeli Hanna-Kohn

Sioux City, IA

Booth No. 84

Robin Hesselgesser

Elkhorn, NE

Booth No. 48

Karen Heuton

Grimes, IA

Booth No. 57

Luke Hubbard

Ankeny, IA

Booth No. 77

Carole Jayne

Blountstown, FL

Booth No. 10

Andrew Johnson

Kansas City, MO

Booth No. 79

Nia Karmann

Omaha, NE

Booth No. 55

William Kaufmann, Cynthia Mosedale

Hudson, WI

Booth No. 12


Safety Harbor, FL

Booth No. 38

Jot King

Minneapolis, MN

Booth No. 50

Debra Knealing

Sioux City, IA

Booth No. 26

Paul Koch

Carson, IA

Booth No. 44

Daron Krueger

Sioux Falls, SD

Booth No. 14

Greg Lathrop, Jennie Lathrop

Derby, KS

Booth No. 58

Tina Lilja

St. Louis Park, MN

Booth No. 56

Michael Madzo

Medora, ND

Booth No. 29

Gary Maki

Iron, MN

Booth No. 80

Layl McDill

Minneapolis, MN

Booth No. 70

John McDonald

Valley Center, KS

Booth Nos. 30-31

Ron Mellott

Bloomington, IN

Booth No. 35

Scott Mertens

Sioux Falls, SD

Booth No. 45

Greg Meyerdirk, Patrice Meyerdirk

Harris, IA

Booth Nos. 86-87

Stephen Mineck

Vinton, IA

Booth No. 78

Randal Napier

Grafton, ND

Booth No. 71

Ken Nelsen

Maryville, MO

Booth No. 34

Pamela Nelson

Sloan, IA

Booth No. 42

Jay Nielsen

Minneapolis, MN

Booth No. 63

Curtis Norman

Omaha, NE

Booth No. 46

Gretchyn Nothhouse

Lawrence, KS

Booth No. 32

Meghan O'Connor

Sioux City, IA

Booth No. 72

Jon Offutt

Fargo, ND

Booth No. 7

Ina Ohnmeiss, Myers Burmeister

Atlantic, IA

Booth No. 65

Andy Ooley, Jennifer Ooley

Cloverdale, IN

Booth No. 60

Ken Peterson

Hood River, OR

Booth No. 16


Debra Quarve

Fargo, ND

Booth No. 33

Kathy Reinartz

New Brighton, MN

Booth No. 66

Susie Rodriguez

Sioux City, IA

Booth No. 9

Laura Ross, Terry Ross

Moorland, IA

Booth No. 85

Ruben Ruiz

Huxley, IA

Booth No. 52

Steve Schwiesow

Council Bluffs, IA

Booth No. 81

Sam Seigel, Kim McClaran

Homestead, IA

Booth Nos. 68-69

Charles Shotton

Blue Springs, MO

Booth No. 36

Cindy Skeie

Windsor Heights, IA

Booth No. 19

Sharon Smith

Urbandale, IA

Booth No. 20

Conni Spotts

Boone, IA

Booth No. 17

Gracelynn Tamrak, Ike Tamrak

Ballwin, MO

Booth No. 75

Pat Thielman

Buffalo, MN

Booth No. 59

Terrie Thompson

Madison, WI

Booth No. 67

Jacob Van Wyk

Ireton, IA

Booth No. 21

Annette VanMeter

Sioux City, IA

Booth No. 24

Jim Vermeer, Julie Vermeer

Humboldt, IA

Booth No. 74

Leroy von Glan

Norfolk, NE

Booth No. 64

Cheryl Wallace

Des Moines, IA

Booth No. 53

Mary Weisgram

Ames, IA

Booth No. 18

Adam Weiss

Fort Calhoun, NE

Booth Nos. 27-2

Lloyd Wiese, Linda Wiese

Rollingstone, MN

Booth Nos. 40-41

Kathy Winterburn, John Winterburn

O’Neill, NE

Booth No. 15

Rhonda Wittkop

Cherokee, IA

Booth No. 61

AB Word, Barrie Lynn Bryant

Kirby, WY

Booth No. 11

Richard Wright

Des Moines, IA

Booth No. 22

Carmen Zajicek, Mark Anderson

DeForest, WI

Booth No. 82

MaryAnn Snedic Wunderlin

Minneapolis, MN

Booth No. 54