E Pluribus Unum

July 21, 2018

February 3, 2019

E pluribus unum, the traditional motto for our country, is also a great idea for the creation of art. One of the principles of art and design is unity, the sense that all parts of an artwork are working together smoothly for the benefit of the overall work. One way for artists to achieve unity is by using repetition and pattern. The repeating elements can be as basic as lines, colors, and shapes; or it can be subtler or more complex. The artworks included in this exhibition represent diverse ways in which repetition and pattern can be used to create more visual excitement while also creating more cohesion.

Artists on View:

Martin Barooshian
Mark Thayne Bowden
John Bowitz
Gary R. Bowling
Larry Bradshaw
Jeff Freeman
C. Dennis Guastella
Gerald Guthrie
John Himmelfarb
Dan F. Howard
Jasper Johns
Mark Kochen
Lucien M. Koonce
Susan Moss
Doug Ohlson
Cathy Palmer
Ed Paschke
Louis James Picek
Sheryl Piere
Bridget Riley
David Sebberson
Jeanette Sloan
Mary Ann Strandell
Sharon E. Sutton
Wilbert Verhelst
Barbara Veroeven
Grant Wood