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In the Spring, 1939
Grant Wood, lithograph
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Muddy Missouri, 1941
LaVern Frank Rush, Watercolor
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Let the Sun Shine In, 1968
Corita Kent, Screenprint
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April 12, 2022

December 31, 2040

This long-term exhibition includes more than 80 artworks from the Sioux City Art Center’s permanent collection. Each gallery contains artworks that are organized by the words, Earth Water and Light. These are familiar terms to everyone but they’re rich with additional associations that connect them to important issues such as property, recreation, and even the food that we eat. The exhibition includes artworks in all media from the more than 1200 artworks in the permanent collection. Curator Christopher Atkins says, “I started working here just a few months ago so I approached the collection with excitement and fresh eyes but gave myself some pretty broad filters to use as I went through art storage. Earth, water, and light were great words for guiding my research and, I hope, provide some familiar access points for audiences to connect with the artworks too.”

Introduction to Earth-Water-Light

Introduction to Water

Introduction to Earth

Introduction to Light