Local Perspectives

July 11, 2020

October 11, 2020

This large exhibition of work by artists working in or within 50 miles of Sioux City was originally scheduled to open on May 15. After delaying the installation of the exhibition until after the Art Center reopened, staff made the exhibition available virtually on July 11 and for public visitation on July 21. As is the case with attendance to the Art Center in general, visitors to the exhibition are strongly encouraged to wear masks and will be required to maintain social distancing. Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the building. Staff is conducting frequent disinfecting of all touch points in the building. Over the next couple of months, The Art Center’s Facebook page will feature weekly selections from the exhibition in greater detail, allowing those who prefer to remain at home the best possible opportunity to experience the exhibition.

The artworks in Local Perspectives were selected by Al Harris-Fernandez, who recently retired after nearly 18 years as Art Center Director. Approximately 120 artists from the region submitted work for review, from which 42 were selected. In the near future, awards will be announced for the top three artworks as determined by Mr. Harris-Fernandez, and a brochure will be made available to the public.

Local Perspective: Artist – Jane Allard

Local Perspective: Artist – John Banasiak

Local Perspective: Artist – Brian Joel Damon

Local Perspective: Artist – Bob Gillespie

Local Perspective: Artist – Tom Kleber

Local Perspective: Artist – Klaire Lockheart

Local Perspective: Artist – Terri Parish McGaffin

Local Perspective: Artist – Megan O’Connor

Local Perspective: Artist – Denice Peters

Local Perspective: Artist – Johntimothy Pizzuto

Local Perspective: Artist – Amy Thompson

Paul Adamson

Sioux City, IA

Dragon Fly Vase, 2012

Joanne Alberda

Sioux Center, IA

Tales from a Shingled Roof, 2018

Jane Anne Allard

Jefferson, SD

Swing’n Etude, 2019

John Banasiak

Vermillion, SD

Beihai Park, Beijing, China, 2019

Mark Bowden

Sioux City, IA

Blue Moon, 2020

Hunter Bryan

Vermillion, SD

Detritus 018R, 2019

Brian Joel Damon

McCook Lake, SD

Aphelandra Squarrosa, 2020

Nemo Dorn

Elk Point, SD

Self Portrait, 2019

Jeremy Dumkrieger

Sioux City, IA

Milk Does a Body Wood, 2015

Lynnea Eggers

Sergeant Bluff, IA

Field of Poppies, 2014

Steven T. Elliott

Wayne, NE

Gravitation No. 7, 2016

Francine Fox

Wayne, NE

Honey: Tar, 2010

Daniela Garcia

Sioux Sioux City, NE

Citrus Girl, 2020

Sarah Gill

Jackson, NE

Divine, 2019

Robert E. Gillespie

Sioux City, IA

Deep in Thought, 2019

Michael P. Greiner

Dakota Dunes, SD

Brother Kelly, 2017

Britton Hacke

Sioux City, IA

Rainy Morning on 4th Street, 2020

Rick Johns

Vermillion, SD

Ouroboros, 2020

Ron Johns

Sioux City, IA

Untitled, 2019

Thomas Kleber

Sioux City, IA

Spaghetti Fever Dream, 2020

Annie Margie Laursen

Le Mars, IA

Untitled, 2019

Klaire Lockheart

Vermillion, SD

L’Brodalisque, 2019

Jordan Lucklow

Sioux City, IA

Andy Glitch 2.0, 2019

Terri Parish McGaffin

Sioux City, IA

Foundation, 2020

Ann Marie McTaggart

Sioux City, IA

White Bird V, 2020

Daine Neri

Sioux City, IA

Ferric Chloride Raku, 2014

Meghan O'Connor

Sioux City, IA

Gravitational Oscillations, 2018

Phyllis W. Packard

Vermillion, SD

Next to Last Snow, 2017/18

Cathy Palmer

Sioux City, IA

Chop Mark, 2019

Henry Payer

Sioux City, IA

The Diving Elk, 2020

Denice Peters

Denison, IA

Good Morning, 2019

Sheryl Piere

Macy, NE

Big Reach, 2019

Johntimothy Pizzuto

Burbank, SD

The Meaning of Nonsense, 2019

Patti Roberts-Pizzuto

Burbank, SD

Call and Response no. 15, 2020

Austin Rodriguez

Sioux City, IA

Moondance, 2019

Susie Rodriguez

Sioux City, IA

Necklace, 2019

Michel Rohner

Sioux City, IA

Dominatrix, 2018

Shannon Sargent

Sioux City, IA

The Whistleblower, 2020

Phil Scorza

Orange City, IA

Leaf 6, 2020

Chello Sherman

South Sioux City, NE

Sunset Lover, 2019

Katie Taylor

Sioux City, IA

Dad, 2019

Amy Thompson

McCook Lake, SD

Rood, 2019