Slide 1
Douglas Conrad
Split Rock Creek
Slide 2
Jerry Mennenga
Missouri River, Yankton, SD
Slide 3
Marlin Lessmann
It All Started Here
Slide 4
Michael Greiner
Sinister Sky
Slide 5
Randall D. Williams
Morning on the Yellowstone River
Slide 6
Steve Paulson
Perry Creek in Winter
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Sioux City Camera Club: Rivers

October 7, 2017

January 7, 2018

The Sioux City Camera Club was founded in 1899. The Camera Club and the Sioux City Art Center have had a close relationship since the first dedicated space for the Art Center opened in 1938. A major part of that relationship is the Camera Club working with the Art Center on frequent exhibitions of work by its members.

For this year’s exhibition, the two organizations agreed upon “Rivers” as a common theme for the photographers to consider. This led the photographers to aim their lenses toward rivers near and far. Some found inspiration in the interaction of people on or near the rivers. Some artists focused on the play of light from sunrises, sunsets, or artificial sources on the surface of the rivers. Other artists found scenes that focused on either the motion of the water or the stillness of it. By documenting the many ways in which we find inspiration from the rivers in our region and beyond, the members of the Sioux City Camera Club encourage us to make our own discoveries.

The aims of the Sioux City Camera Club are the mutual education in the science and art of photography, and to promote and encourage advancement of its members in the knowledge and practice of photography. The Sioux City Camera Club is a member of the North Central Camera Club Council and the Photographic Society of America.