New Website and Logo for the Sioux City Art Center

The Sioux City Art Center is pleased to unveil its new website design and logo. Thanks to funding from the Gilchrist Foundation, the Art Center has created a new logo, a new look for the website, and a clearer, more user-friendly site organization.

Following the opening of the Gilchrist Learning Center in the fall of 2018 and the completion of extensive renovations to the primary Art Center building in the fall of 2019, Art Center staff determined that an update to the logo was needed to convey the connection between these two buildings. The new logo maintains the emphasis on the Art Center’s signature glass atrium, but adds four rectangles as a visual nod to the Gilchrist Learning Center. For the last two years, the Art Center has utilized the tagline, “Discover. Create.” The new logo can be modified to include the tagline when the need arises.

Once the new logo design was finalized, the redesign and organization of the website began, using the logo design as the foundation for the website’s new appearance. Discover and Create are now the primary tabs under which you will find information visiting the Art Center, learning about the exhibitions and collection, and finding out about Gilchrist Learning Center activities. The two additional primary tabs lead visitors to events and the various ways in which community members can support the Art Center.

Why a new website? Two important reasons.

First, this new website will be more nimble and responsive, making sure that current and upcoming activities are always featured in prominent, easy-to-find places. New exhibitions, updated class offerings, performances, and events—the new website will always bring attention to and information about what is happening at the Art Center.

And second, the new website is designed to make certain you can participate in and support these activities as easily as possible. Finding and registering for classes in the Gilchrist Learning Center will be simpler. Updating your membership information, purchasing tickets to events, or reserving your spots for performances will now be easier than ever through the new website.

While we are launching this website on July 1, 2021, this is just a start. We will continue to expand what is available. For example, fall classes will be announced in late July and the permanent collection listings will grow steadily throughout the future. But you will be able to depend on the website to bring you up-to-date information about everything that is happening. We hope you like the changes to the website and we look forward to seeing you see at the Sioux City Art Center!