ArtSplash 2021

ArtSplash 2021

2021 Signature Artist

Luke Hubbard

Ankeny, IA

Booth No. 39


Artist Statement

Luke Hubbard grew up in Dallas Center and graduated from the University of Northern Iowa. He currently resides in Ankeny with his wife Jennifer. The couple owns a new home, one that has a lot of blank wall space. So, Luke set about making paintings to fill those walls. Friends and family were taken by the décor. “It just makes me feel good,” said one.

Indeed, much of Luke’s work is very emotional. Painting offers him a break from the tediously detailed pen and ink illustrations he’s spent much of his life creating. In brushes and canvas, he can just cut loose and give form to pure energy and aggression. But there is a method to the madness. He logs ideas every day, making sketches and doodles that seem to have a bit of magic in them.

Then, with the blank canvas calling him, he begins.

When he’s painting, he seeks balance in color, shape, and lines. He’ll work (and rework) some canvases over and over again until he’s sure the feeling is right for the moment. In those bursts, when everything seems to flow, the paints have minds of their own, guiding Luke, instead of the other way around. When the act of creation seems like a direct connection to a deep emotional well, when the brushes seem to be the ones in control, that’s when Luke is happiest in his work. That other people seem to get a kick out of those colors and lines adds immeasurably to his joy.

2021 Exhibiting Artists

Greg Berenstein

Sioux City, IA

Booth No. 23

Randy Birocci

Hinton, IA

Booth No. 11

Cyndy Clarke

Sioux City, IA

Booth No. 22

Frank Constanzo

Ralston, NE

Booth No. 45

Paula Crandell

Sioux City, IA

Booth No. 29

Sharon Draeger

Eden Prairie, MN

Booth No. 4

Paul Elwell

Sartell, MN

Booth No. 2

Pat Falk

Owatonna, MN

Booth No. 32

George Garrett

Omaha, NE

Booth No. 18

Petra Hallwas

North Sioux City, SD

Booth No. 10

Chaeli Hanna-Kohn

Sioux City, IA

Booth No. 49

Robin Hesselgesser

Elkhorn, NE

Booth No. 25

Chris Heyer

Titonka, IA

Booth No. 50

Michael Jones

Sioux City, IA

Booth No. 47

Nia Karmann

Omaha, NE

Booth No. 41

Jot King

Minneapolis, MN

Booth No. 16

Paul Koch

Carson, IA

Booth No. 38

Daron Krueger

Sioux Falls, SD

Booth No. 33

Earlene Larson

Mission Hill, SD

Booth No. 15

Sara Letsch

Boone, IA

Booth No. 37

Kiara Linda

Safety Harbor, FL

Booth No. 7

Greg & Patrice Meyerdirk

Harris, IA

Booth No. 31

Pamela Nelson

Sloan, IA

Booth No. 14

Jay Nielsen

Minneapolis, MN

Booth No. 30

Curtis Norman

Omaha, NE

Booth No. 46

Jon Offutt

Fargo, ND

Booth No. 42

Ina Ohnmeiss

Atlantic, IA

Booth No. 5

Kenyatta Ray

Heverlee, Belgium

Booth No. 44

Kathy Reinartz

New Brighton, MN

Booth No. 9

Susie Rodriguez

Sioux City, IA

Booth No. 21

Laura Ross

Moorland, IA

Booth No. 19

Susan Roskens

Albert Lea, MN

Booth No. 43

Ruben Ruiz

Huxley, IA

Booth No. 6

Gint & Regina Sabaliauskas

Evergreen, CO

Booth No. 28

Sam Seigel

Homestead, IA

Booth No. 1

Ambrosia Slothower

South Sioux City, NE

Booth No. 26

MaryAnn Snedic Wunderlin

Minneapolis, MN

Booth No. 35

Randi Solin

Brattleboro, VT

Booth No. 13

Tim & Nancy Startup

Nashville, TN

Booth No. 24

Albert Tanko

North Branch, MN

Booth No. 40

Terrie Thompson

Madison, WI

Booth No. 8

Robin Vaughan

Sioux City, IA

Booth No. 34

Leroy von Glan

Norfolk, NE

Booth No. 17

Jodi Whitlock

Sioux City, IA

Booth No. 36

Kathy & John Winterburn

O’Neill, NE

Booth No. 3